YouTube as a Marketing Tool for Creative Professionals

July 2, 2013
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Are you a graphic designer or other creative professional interested in marketing yourself on YouTube? Congratulations! You have picked an ideal venue to kick-start your creative juices and present your work in a dynamic environment that is sure to match you with the right clients. Here are some ideas to help you design a YouTube video and give a big boost to your marketing goals.

Just as a great novel shows rather than tells a story, YouTube (now 8 years old) allows you to present your background history, show your process and express your design philosophy. This is essential to a creative professional.

One of the challenges most creative folks face is explaining how they do what they do and the importance of the creative process in developing a focused concept. Showing your work and educating your prospective clients will provide them with information up front before they make the decision to go with your services.


As of now, the competition for video marketing is very low. Not a lot of businesses are using YouTube as a marketing strategy. You can optimize your Google results by carefully crafting great titles that will draw your clients to you. In the search results, a thumbnail of your video will catch the eye faster than a hyperlinked article.


Once you post your video, you should link it to your website, LinkedIn account, and any other Facebook, Pinterest, professional network profiles, etc. Once you are live, send out an email to your contacts, fellow designers and prospective clients.


Create an interesting background on your process and who you are.

Get inside your client’s head and answer some of the questions they ask such as, Why hire a graphic designer?

If you are a photographer, show your clients how you choose certain angles and your philosophy behind it. Show a video of a photo shoot!

Match your aesthetics with the work you wish to do and target that audience.

Ask a past client if they have any questions about your process. This will help you come up with more video ideas.


Always create brief, interesting, relevant and well-focused videos.
If you need some help with filming, contact your local University and create an internship for a film student to assist you.
Before you go live on YouTube, have a few colleagues critique your video and get feedback.

YouTube videos can streamline the introductory process of prospective clients by providing answers to their questions. Creating a video will give you an opportunity to intimately analyze your work process. The more you can describe what it is you do, the more professional you will present yourself online or in the boardroom. Regardless of how general or narrow your niche, any professional in the visual arts should use YouTube as a marketing tool.

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is a writer for NerdWallet, a personal finance website dedicated to helping creative professionals save money with financial tips on everything from marketing strategies to the top is a writer for NerdWallet, a personal finance website dedicated to helping creative professionals save money with financial tips on everything from marketing strategies to the top CD rates.