Tools to Help you Manage Your Time More Effectively

April 2, 2013
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Sometimes it can feel as though there aren’t enough hours in the day to get done what you need to. When you’re a busy person, every minute of your time is essential and needs to be harnessed so you can use it in the most productive way possible.

For some, managing time simply doesn’t come second nature, and for everyone else – time management can seem like another task that will take up even more time to do. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

There are many handy apps for your phone out there that can significantly help you manage your time.

Time Tracker

time tracker logoThis app is a great tool to help you log exactly what and where your time is going. You can include notes, add expenses costs to blocks of time as well as add in breaks so you know how much time they add up to.

One of the best features this app offers is the ability to manage projects directly from your smartphone, which you can then export into Microsoft Excel – perfect for people on the go who need access to their data fast. There’s also the option to back up everything you input to SD micro card or a Dropbox account – great for anyone who uses this in their everyday work environment.

With clear and concise statistics at your fingertips and easily accessible overviews this is a must have app for workaholics.

Google Calendar

google calendar logoFor everyone already using Google Calendar, if you don’t already have the app installed on your smartphone you’re missing out.

This app works by syncing up to your Google Account calendar so you can access it on the go anywhere. Whenever you make changes to your Calendar, either via desktop PC or on your phone both will automatically be changed.

You can manage your events, create new ones as well as run multiple calendars simultaneously through handy colour coding or simply choose which ones you want to display. A great tool to balance both work and personal time successfully.

If you choose to, you can set up a non Google Calendar and use all the features just the same.


evernote logoThis app is great for people who struggle to remember things. By taking quick snapshots, creating to-do lists, recording voice snippets as well as recording simple notes – this is an all in one extension of your memory.

Everything is also searchable, so if you can’t remember when or where you’ve placed something, but know that you need to do it – you can pull it up with a simple keyword search.

Evernote also connects up to your desktop, much like Google Calendar, and has many features that can be explored. This is the ultimate organisation app perfect for people who don’t have a clear difference between home and work life. So, for the work mad among you, if you need more than just a calendar entry to get your mind on the ball and yourself on time – don’t hesitate to download this.

Mind 42

Mind 42 logoMind 42 is a simple yet effective app that allows you to quickly and easily produce ‘mind maps’ of whatever topics are bursting to get out of your head. Whether you’re working alone, in a group or simply want to share your idea with everyone, Mind 42 is an easy choice.

Browser based, so no downloading, this tool is hassle free and time friendly – meaning you have more time on your hands to get what you need to do done rather than fiddling around downloading and installing apps.

Simply set up a free account via their site and you’ll be shown exactly how the tool works so you’ll be on your way to super-productivity in no time.


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