Tips for Choosing a Printing Company

February 5, 2013
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The services of a professional printing company can prove highly useful when you need to complete a large or complex project, such as creating a banner or mass producing a brochure. But not all printing companies are created equal, and if you want to ensure the maximum value for your hard-earned dollar, you must do your homework before settling on any company. Here are some important variables to consider:

Services Required

If you need to print 500 copies of a report, you should have little trouble finding an affordable rate from just about any printer. But if your needs require the design of a menu, or the creation of a full-sized, high-resolution poster, you will likely need to shop around. When comparing printing companies, always determine the specific services offered, and go with a company that’s truly equipped to meet your individual needs.


Let’s face it. Cost is one of the most important variables in any major buying decision. But when you’re choosing a printing company, cost assessment can be tricky. For instance, let’s say that you want to order a thousand custom postcards, and Printing Company A offers them at 5 cents per card while Printing Company B offers them at 7 cents per card.

When you’re choosing a printing company, cost assessment can be tricky

On the surface, the difference may seem hardly worth considering, but do the math. A thousands postcards from Company A will run you $50, while a thousand postcards from Company B will cost $70. Suddenly the difference isn’t so trivial. Always consider the numbers when dealing with large quantities, and look for companies that offer bulk deals.

Local or Online?

Once again, this variable will depend largely on your individual needs. If you simply need a few basic business cards or newsletters, your local print shop will likely be able to accommodate you same day and provide instant gratification, but if you need professional custom designs for a series of bookmarks, or if you require the creation of elegant folded cards or slick yard signs, the online marketplace usually has more to offer. In addition, an online printing company will usually offer the best values, but make sure to factor in the cost of shipping and handling when comparing prices.

Quality of Work

If you need specialized designs for custom club flyers, banners, posters or even DVDs, you will need to work with a printing company that offers creative services. There are plenty of options available, but don’t choose blindly. Look at examples of each company’s work and compare the different templates offered. When you find a company that takes your breath away with its colorful, custom designs, you will know that you’ve found a winner.

Choosing a printing company is simply about assessing your needs, researching your options and finding the right fit. With a bit of research and a few comparisons, you should have no trouble finding the ideal printing service at an extremely reasonable price.

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