I figured it might be helpful if I created a tool box of all the stuff I use day to day as a graphic designer. As I learn more and find more cool things I’ll add it to this list so make sure to check back to it now and again. A few of these links do earn me a small commission, but they’re all products that I do actually use and highly recommend. You don’t need to buy everything I have listed here to be a designer – this is meant as a guide that’ll help you fill a few gaps in your arsenal. Only ever buy something you need or will help you get the job done!

Pencil Case

My pencil case is vast and runs deep, with many treasures and secrets. Here is some the very best gear I use to create my illustrations. Check out this article for a more in depth run down.

Uni Ball Kuru Toga

From the start I liked using the Uni Ball Kuru Toga mechanical pencil, which sold me on the way it rotated the lead as you used it in order to always keep it sharp.


Having decent tech and gizmos can make a tonne of difference to your career in design. My standards are pretty high, but here are a few items that have really stood out to me.

Web Tools