6 Interesting YouTube channels for Developers

April 20, 2018
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In the last ten years, YouTube has gone from a platform where music labels put up their videos to a vast library of both entertainment and information in video form. The amount of content there is on YouTube is absolutely astonishing – and the majority of it is free!

What’s more, there is a lot of niche content on all kinds of fields: from learning how to sew to building a shelter from scratch in the wild.

Videos on web development are widely popular on YouTube, possibly because the nature of the platform appeals to people working in technical fields. And it’s not just for technical fields, there is also great potential for freelance creatives on YouTube.

There are tons of channels to visit and learn from – some are very technical and detail-oriented, others mix in different degrees of entertainment into their teaching content. Here’s a list of some of the best channels that tackle web development plus a description of what you can expect watching their videos.


LearnCode.academy is one of the channels that are heavily tutorial based. It is all about learning. They cover a large variety of topics, including JavaScript, testing, the inner workings of the internet and much, much more. If you want to learn about specific subjects in a structured, concise way, this channel is definitely worth checking out. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, LearCode.academy has content for you – they have a 24-video playlist for people looking to get into web development, but also offer advanced content.


You’ve probably heard the name Udacity. They not only run an online academy and provide certificates with the long-term vision of creating the first online university; they also run a YouTube channel! Many tutorials tend to consist of playlists made up from very short videos ranging from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, each video focusing on a specific detail, for example, visual styling in HTML. The videos are produced in a professional and appealing way. Additionally, there are all kinds of different talks with developers of different backgrounds, videos addressing current trends in web development and much more.


From all the channels featured in this article, Computerphile is the one that goes the most in-depth into complex topics. As such, it is mostly something to look at if you already have some experience. In talks with different experts, they look at current hot topics in the programming world like blockchain, virtual reality and net neutrality. They work at explaining the underlying technical foundations behind them. This channel is a nerd haven for anyone who likes technical discussions and wants to hear the perspective of some of the most-renowned experts in their fields.


Run by a former Spotify developer, FunFunFunction is one of those channels that mixes entertainment into their educational content. The videos are so fun, you will be watching for hours and learn a lot without even realizing it. There is content focused on learning basic tools like JavaScript and HTML, but they also cover more general advice for developers. For example, there is a video that covers the hardships of remote working, another that gives you advice on getting stuff done and so on. If you’re looking for something equal parts funny and genuinely informative, check out this channel.


Short for level up tutorials, this channel does exactly what the title suggests – levels up your development game. There is a plethora of content here with over 1,000 videos currently uploaded to the channel. Whatever tool you’re looking to master, chances are a tutorial is ready for you to watch. Out of all channels presented here, this is probably the most beginner-friendly. The content creator Scott Tolinski doesn’t just explain how to fix certain issues; he also likes to focus on the “why”. As such, it might take you a little longer to learn, but once you get through his videos, you’ll be able to really understand the fundamentals.

Wes Bos

This is another channel that mixes fun with teaching. Possibly the least-known channel in the list, Wes Bos certainly deserves a mention. There are extensive tutorials on tools like JavaScript and Redux which are extremely well-produced and explain programming through fun tasks, like building a game of whack-a-mole using JavaScript. This channel is most suitable for people looking to get into tools of which they have a very basic understanding. Don’t shy away from this channel because of its lower view counts – Wes Bos is a real gem in the rough.

What are your favourite YouTube channels for developers? Share the name of your favorite content creators in the comment section below!

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