5 Truths Your Website Is Saying About Your B2B Business

April 15, 2020
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Reaching other business owners requires the ability to put yourself in their shoes. You likely already understand some of the general pain points of running a business. After all, you are an entrepreneur. However, many business-to-business models fail with their websites.

Digital has a massive influence on your target audience. Google reported that even in industries like manufacturing and pack-and-ship, 67% of purchases resulted from digital interactions with the user. Your website matters, so how well or poorly it represents you impacts your revenue.

Your site should be something you strive to improve over time. Each week should bring fresh changes and testing. However, there are five primary truths people ascertain from visiting your pages. Pay attention to these elements, and you’ll gain more leads and make a better impression on those who visit your site.

Truth #1: You Are Trustworthy

When someone lands on your page, they may have never heard of you before. They have no reason to trust you. Your job with your website is to build trust and show you are a legitimate business with staying power.

Some of the ways you create a trust factor include adding testimonials, placing badges for memberships such as the BBB or trade organisations and keeping contact information in view.

A few companies offer a money-back guarantee to prove they are serious about meeting the needs of customers. Others offer free trials. Which type of draw works best for you depends on your target audience and business model. If you sell software, a free trial works well. If you sell a product, a satisfaction guarantee becomes more attractive to business owners.

Atradius Collections not only shares their customer testimonials, but they also include an infographic that shows how many of their customers recommend them, remain loyal and are satisfied with their services. As a collections agency, they must prove their effectiveness in collecting bad debt. The infographic demonstrates their success rate and gives potential clients peace of mind in choosing them over the other agencies out there.

Truth #2: Your Site Is Fast

With the release of 5G networks around the country and the promise of faster, more reliable internet, users expect your site to load at lightning speed. Since your customer base is business owners, understand just how busy the average executive is. Many put in long hours and never finish their to-do lists. They won’t waste time waiting for the pages on your site to load.

An increase of a mere 10 seconds can force your bounce rates up 123% or more. If you fear your site might lag a bit, try these tactics:

  • Get rid of bulky scripts.
  • Compress images.
  • Invest in a faster server — going from shared hosting to a VPN might help.
  • Design for mobile responsiveness.
  • Talk to your web hosting provider about the best ways of speeding up your website. You may need to move to a new hosting company, or you might be able to invest in a slightly better package and gain the speed you desire.

Truth #3: You Use Relevant Images

People are tired of the same stock photos that show up on multiple sites. Images on your website should relate to your product or service and be highly specific to your brand. Put yourself in the place of your target audience.

A business owner lands on your page looking for something exact or to have a question answered. They see a particular image of one of your customers using your product. A short video clip answers their question about how the item works. You’ve just hooked them visually, and they are much more likely to buy from you.

DY Concrete Pumps does an excellent job of using highly relevant images to draw in site visitors. Note the large graphic of the boom pump at the top of the landing page. The company knows their users are coming to find out about equipment, so they showcase one of their top-rated products. It’s clear who their audience is with the images they use.

Truth #4: Your Calls to Action Create Leads

Even though business owners are decisive by nature, they too need a little guidance on the next step to take. Your calls to action (CTAs) should offer a clear option that moves them through the buyer’s journey. Here are some steps to take to enhance your CTAs.

  • Study your sales funnel. What is the next phase, and how do you entice the buyer into moving forward?
  • Is your button in the right location? Test this with A/B testing.
  • Does the language match the tone of the page?

Spending time on your CTAs improves your conversion rates and increases the odds of a browser becoming a lead.

Truth #5: Your Branding Is on Point

Do you want your name to be the first one the user thinks of when they need a product or service you offer? Business owners have a lot of options for who they can throw work toward. However, if you spend time getting your name out there, you’re much more likely to come to mind when they have a need. In addition to all the traditional ways of creating recognition, your website needs to showcase who you are as an organisation.

Your logo should be clear and easy to locate. The colours of your site need to match your brand colour palette. Even the language and tone of the page need to be consistent with the rest of your online presence.

Gosselin offers moving services for business clients in the UK. Note how they have their logo in the top left corner of every page of their website. They also have a definite colour scheme that matches their brand colours. The orange and green hues repeat within the photos on the site and even on their social media pages.

Small Improvements Equal Big Results

Getting your website to the point where it speaks to your customer base isn’t an easy task. Make small changes as you go along. If a customer has a comment about your website, consider what they’ve said and whether it’s worthwhile to make changes. Try out new features, colours, placement and wording. Test everything over and over to see what brings the best results. With a little effort and a lot of dedication, your site will be one of the best in the industry.