5 Tools Every Graphic Designer Should Master in 2018

April 4, 2018
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Graphic design is a booming industry at the moment. Thanks to the internet, most businesses are in need of experienced professionals that can provide them with the right kind of online presence. However, no matter how talented, it’s often difficult to accurately transpose your ideas onto the paper without the right tools. That’s why we’re going to have a look at five important tools you need to make use of in 2018.

1. A top flight smartphone

Unfortunately, in this day and age freelancers are expected to be available constantly. As a result, you’re going to want to ensure that you invest in the best technology possible. What you may not know though is that a good smartphone can also provide you with a number of invaluable tools that allow you to carry out your work. There’s a huge range of different apps, many of them specifically aimed at graphic designers just like you.

2. Kuler

Kuler is a fantastically useful app for graphic designers. Its actual purpose is fairly straightforward, but it’s also something that can be often overlooked. Essentially, it allows you to select a number of different colours and shades, and work out complementary options for them. It also lets you quickly find out both HEX and RGB codes. These are essential to a graphic designer’s work, and this facility can make your life considerably easier. It’s made by Adobe, so you can rest assured that it’ll deliver on its promises.

3. Assembly

Assembly is the ideal app for a graphic designer who specialises in logo development. This is a major and fundamental aspect to the industry, and something that can make a big difference with your clients. Assembly features over one hundred and eighty basic shapes, which you can rearrange to try out different styles of logo. It’s a simple idea, but beautifully executed, and fantastically easy to use.

4. Sketchbook Pro

Sketchbook Pro is a handy sketching app that’s ideal for all graphic designers. It’s a great thing to have on hand in any given situation, especially if you find yourself flooded with ideas, but lacking the means to put them down. The app has a selection of different brushes, and a wide variety of different facilities and options to make use of. The whole thing is pretty user friendly, and the perfect app to have handy on your phone.

5. Fontshop

A fantastic way of making your work stand out with a client is by providing them with their own unique font. This can really provide their site with a unique feel, and something that cannot be replicated by their competitors. Fontshop lets you take your pick from a number of different font designs, trialling them on a site to work out how they would look. That allows you to refine your design and work out the best options possible for your clients.

These are just five of the very best choices for graphic designers looking to up their game. There are tons of other options out there, and thanks to the booming industry surrounding it, it looks like there’s no shortage of great innovations lined up for the future. If you want to get the most out of your work, it’s worthwhile staying on top of the latest new developments, and ensuring all your software is up to date. That way you can stay a step ahead of all the competition, and ensure that you deliver the best possible end result to your clients.

Photo by Kristian Gonzalez

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