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  1. How to Find Cheap Office Space: 7 Tips

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    If you’re founding a startup, getting your small business off the ground, or working as a freelancer, you’re going to need office space.

    Unless you came into a large chunk of change, you’re probably not ready to rent a posh office in a major city. If you need to economize but you also need to get some work done, there are several ways you can go about scoring office space for cheap.

    1. Rent on a Smaller Scale

    If you can’t afford your own building, you can at least afford your own office in someone else’s building. You can rent out a room with a desk in someone else’s commercial space for much less. Community sharing sites like Spacer help people list and rent extra space for a wide variety of purposes, including office space. If you ever purchase an office that’s too big, you can also list your extra space.

    2. Look at Unconventional Offices

    If you need to rent a space that’s large enough for multiple people, you probably realise how expensive larger office spaces can be. What if they weren’t office spaces? It might be cheaper to rent an old warehouse or storefront that can cheaply and easily be converted into office space. A space doesn’t need to be originally designed as an office in order to be used as one.

    3. Share with Your Buddies

    Do you know anyone else who needs an office space? Sharing one can cut the costs down substantially. If you choose someone (or a group of people) who work in a niche that’s complementary or supplementary to yours, you both might wind up more successful because of it. Think of it like an opportunity to network every day.

    4. Work Outside

    All you need is a portable desk, a mobile power bank, and a Wi-Fi hotspot to work anywhere. Public parks can easily become outdoor offices. You get some fresh air, you remove the distractions, and you have a place to work where no one will disturb you. This is a great option for people who work from home who desperately crave a change of scenery.

    5. Work Like a Hipster

    While it’s become something of a trope or a stereotype to work in places like coffee shops or public libraries, people do it because it works. If you need a temporary office space to hold you over until you find a more permanent arrangement, try floating around at establishments that provide outlets and Wi-Fi. You can go somewhere new every day.

    6. Set up a Home Office

    If you have a spare room, garage, or a basement, it’s really cheap to use something you’ve already got. You have complete control over the way things look, and your daily commute is merely a walk down the hallway. If you own your home and you have a substantial yard, you can even purchase a large shed and run electricity to it. Your office can be a freestanding building on your own property.

    7. Look into Co-Working Spaces

    There are two ways to approach co-working spaces. You can either join one, or start your own. It’s much cheaper to join one. If you have enough money to invest in an office space that you can turn into a co-working space to rent to other workers, you can turn that office into either a cost-neutral or profitable venture.

    Unconventional thinking will help you succeed in business, and it will also help you succeed in finding an office space. You don’t need to spend money to have an office or a working situation that will allow you to be productive.