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  1. 12 Tips to Make Designs Appealing to the Clothing Business and Make Money

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    If you’re a designer, you probably already know how important a great t shirt template or mockup can be for your client – and for you. Being able to display the awesome design that you’ve created in an appealing way is crucial for them to be able to sell their products. But have you ever thought of designing a t shirt template yourself to sell to clothing businesses?

    At Printsome, we’re all about t-shirts and clothing stuff. So we’re here to let you know about some ways you may not have thought of that you can make your designs extra- appealing to companies in the clothing business, which of course means more money- making opportunities for you!

    First, here are some things you could do that are directly related to the clothing that could really impress your client.

    1. Create an exclusive line for a clothing business

    A clothing business probably wants to work with a designer so that they get something personalised and customised. Why not offer them an exclusive line with extra details like hand-stamped details or custom packaging? You can charge a higher price and they’ll be able to get something really unusual. If you work with trusted suppliers or friends who do this sort of design work, you could pull them into it too.

    2. Extend product ranges

    Even if you specialise in t-shirt designs, you can probably transfer your design skills to something similar. Lots of t-shirt companies offer some of their most popular designs on a whole line of products, like other clothing items or things like bags, posters, mugs, or even cuddly toys (these would work great for a kids’ line). If your client loves your designs and you guys work well together, you could offer way more. Why not offer them the option to design a range of products rather than just one shirt?

    3. Draw up a custom logo they can use for their labels


    If the clothing brand you’re working with doesn’t already use a custom label in their products, then it’s a perfect opportunity for you to offer one. Getting the details like this one right can help them establish their brand and create continuity (but you probably already knew that, right?).

    4. Offer different texture options for their shirts

    Giving your design that something extra can be a great way to make your work really stand out. Maybe you can offer a design that looks great with embroidery or foil print. Just offering a potential client options that not everyone does may help you stand out, even if they decide not to go with them.

    5. Create custom t shirt templates and mockups


    Lots of clothing brands use templates, so why not offer the chance for them to create a custom one? There are lots of generic ones available online, but not many designers offering a 100% custom look. If you can create a cool template that your client can use to show off their design in a unique way, you can definitely add value for them.

    Now, here are some other services you can offer that aren’t directly related to the design itself, but that can add a lot of value to your work.

    6. Walk your client through the whole design process

    Set up clear expectations and deliverables with your client to get the design exactly right. You can offer them packages of sessions and confirmed times for meetings. As any designer knows, it often takes lots – and lots! – of meetings to get designs stuff right. Make it clear from the beginning, and you might want to offer them a design package that includes proofs and meetings to get the design right from the beginning.

    7. Help design a message for the brand

    Chances are, if you’re designing an image, you’re drawing on more inspiration than just “awesome”. You’ve probably thought carefully about what the brand wants to express and why. So why not help them create a visual message? You could work with their art direction team, maybe on a one-off special campaign centred around a holiday or special event, or maybe helping them fine-tune their image.

    8. Lend a hand with a clothing label’s rebranding process

    Every so often, brands will want to update their image or change some things that aren’t working. If you’ve worked with a brand that you know is going through a shift, why not see if you can help them out with the visuals? Maybe you could offer them a new line of t-shirts that incorporate their new image.

    9. Offer fashion illustrations


    Some graphic designers get hired now to work at events to create on-the-spot fashion illustrations. Or they might work on a specific illustration that the company needs for a special campaign. Either way, you could offer something trendy that lots of big-name fashion brands are doing at the moment and that your client may not have considered.

    10. Design some social media images, too

    You can help the clothing business you’re working with to market the stuff you’ve designed by giving them the right images to share on social media. If you can offer social media images that display your designs for a brand to share, it makes it easier for customers to find the produce. Win win, right?

    11. Team up with their marketing group

    Chances are, the clothing brand you’re working with will have to run some type of ad campaign, or even an email newsletter. They might have an opportunity for you to join in. If you’re good at print design, this could be a great chance to do some further work for a client. After all, they’ll need to find someone to help them out – why not have it be you?

    12. Put them in touch with the right people

    To really win over a client, hook them up with someone who can make your designs a reality. Being helpful can often encourage a client to re-hire you and keep you in mind for future projects, because they know you’ve gone the extra mile. Plus, you can take a commission for the referral work, and the person who you found to do the work may return the favour and involve you in future projects too. Win all around!

    We hope this post has inspired you to come up with some new ways you as a designer can make money, along with ideas about how you can make your designs the most appealing to the clothing business. There are so many ways designers and clothing businesses can work together!